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Klismaphilia is a paraphilia where a person receives sexual pleasure by filling their colon or rectum with liquid. The preference of which liquid used is a personal choice but more often than not water is the preferred option.

What is Klismaphilia?

By inserting water into the anus, usually using a specially designed sex toy or enema, a person can feel sexual arousal, receive pleasure or even orgasm. An enema is where liquid is inserted into the anus to cleanse the body and clear the intestinal tract. Many people may replicate an enema using an enema nozzle that can be found in some sex shops.

Klismaphilia can be dangerous in some cases where an enema is not completed safely or cleanly, this can cause ruptures and other medical problems. Klismaphilia is often practised privately and there is no distinction between sexuality, the practice is common for heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. However, there does seem to be more males with Klismaphilia when compared to woman. The feeling of filling the colon or rectum could stimulate other sexual activity or provide an orgasm by itself. In some cases it could be similar to the more intense feeling of having sex with a full bladder.

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