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Kleptophilia is a fetish that is closely associated to Kleptomania.

What is Kleptomania?

A person who practises kleptophilia has a sexual interest in theft and stealing things. This can be linked to both the act of stealing and the actual stolen items. While Kleptomania is generally classed as a compulsion to steal useless or unnecessary items, with kleptophilia a sexual drive is accompanies the need. The two can work in conjunction but in some cases they are separate.

With some people the sexual interest and satisfaction received is down to the thrill of stealing an item that does not belong to them. When this happens they may get aroused or orgasm during the process of stealing or shortly after. The desire is hard to replicate through legal means which generally makes the fetish of kleptophilia illegal. In other cases the kleptophile may not associate the sexual thrill with the theft but with the stolen item. This does not need to be a sex related item but can be anything the person has stolen or that has been stolen for them. The person may then decide to use the item to pleasure themselves or ejaculate/orgasm on the item and receive extra pleasure that way.

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