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The paraphilia hybristophilia is used to describe a person who has displayed an intense sexual attraction and interest towards people who have committed violent and dangerous crimes.

What is Hybristophilia?

In hybristophilia, some people favour specific crimes such as rape whilst others like the idea of crime in general. The crimes can include murder, robbery and everything in between. The fetish is classed as potentially lethal due to the nature of the object of attraction and down to the choices the fetish follower may make in their attempt to secure the criminal. Hybristophilia is not as uncommon as people think, with infamous couples such as Bonnie and Clyde acting as figureheads.

A person may receive sexual arousal from the thought of a criminal and reach orgasm at such an image. The level of hybristophilia can vary from person to person; while some like violent crimes, others may be satisfied at the thought of their partner lying or cheating. Both men and women have been known to write to inmates in prison, their letters often of the sexual nature. These people are stimulated by the thought of what the prisoner has done and in a few cases they go on to marry the inmate whilst still in prison.


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