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There are escorts in every city and town across the world. Regardless of whether prostitution is legal or not, escort services operate in all corners of the globe. Escorts typically offer a classier and more upmarket service in comparison to street prostitutes and even those working in many brothels. These girls often work for themselves but can also be contracted to an agency, they keep themselves in good shape and they offer a professional service. There are many different types of escorts, all offering different services and catering for different fetishes, but if you're looking to hire one for the first time, then this article can help you.

A Guide to Paying for Sex / Hiring Escorts

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world and the sex industry is persistently one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world. In many countries, the sex industry, whether legally or not, contributes to a large portion of the GDP and also provides a huge boost for tourism and foreign money.

Despite the prevalence of prostitution and how common paying for sex can be for many people, for others it is an awkward and embarrassing thing, something that they yearn to try but either don't possess the confidence or don’t know how to go about it. The main thing is to remember that this is a job and that the escort or prostitute you’re hiring (or wish to hire) has done this many hundreds of times before. She knows what she’s doing and she’s heard it all, so there really is no need to feel embarrassed and no need to be anxious about asking her to accommodate whatever fetishes or desires that you have.

Accommodating Kinks and Fetishes

Many prostitutes, although they may not state it on their contact pages, will happily accommodate fetishes such as rubbers, leathers, masks and other innocuous kinks. If you desire something in the BDSM spectrum, then you will need to hire someone who caters for this. A “typical” escort is unlikely to fulfil your desires, she/he may not be that way inclined and they may refuse to do such a thing. Either way, it never hurts to ask and you can always be safe in the knowledge that they’ve probably heard worse.

Regardless of your kink, you can find somebody willing to provide. There is an abundance of websites out there with escorts (both male and female; straight and gay) willing to give you what you want. Sex is very personal thing to many people and newcomers to the world of prostitutes and escorts might feel awkward or embarrassed about discussing this things in advance, but this is purely a business transaction so make sure the girl can offer you what you want and can provide a timescale and a cost in advance.

Reputation: Whores over Virgins

It may sound counter-intuitive, especially those that are new to this, but it’s always best to find the girls who have the most experience and have been with the most men. These girls have a lot of feedback and ratings online, which you can browse through to discover if they really are the right fit for you. This eliminates the problem of encountering someone who may have lied in their profile or someone who is only out to scam you. If you go through a reputable agency you can also avoid any of these issues, although most of the girls you find are genuine, professional, working girls.

Escort Law

Always be aware of the laws within your country or state. In many countries, such as the UK, prostitution is illegal if the prostitutes operate from the street or within a brothel and both the workers and the clients can be prosecuted if caught. Escorts — girls who operate by themselves and work out of their homes or visit you in your home — are perfectly legal and genuinely widely accepted. This is typically the rule for many countries, but in places such as Brazil and India, prostitution is legal and widely available, making these places hotspots for sex tourism.

Phoning / Contacting an Escort

Many escorts that operate from online agencies or independent websites such as Adult Work require that the client phones them in advance. They do this for security reasons and to limit the amount of jokers and time wasters. Some of them will accept text messages, but many will require a phone call. Be prepared not only to talk to the girl but to give them your number. You should also make a note of their name and number, addressing them by their name may help you to establish a connection and to make the process easier and more natural.

Think of the phone call like you would a business call or even a call to make an appointment at the dentist or doctors. Begin with a greeting and by telling them your name and asking theirs, once they reply and you are confident you have the right number and the right girl, then you can tell her you saw her ad and would like to make an appointment.

If you live in a country where hiring an escort is illegal then do not try to discuss any activities over the phone, if she is experienced then she won’t answer honestly. If it is legal within your country but you don’t feel confident enough to do it on the phone, then simply book her for her time and then send her a text message later, requesting that she show up in a particular dress/costume or that she bring certain items.


Many escorts are available throughout the day or night, but you should always check to make sure that they are not working and are available before you phone them. If you require someone on very short notice, the best thing to do is to phone an escort agency, specify what you need and what you like, and they will be able to send you an available girl who closely fits your requirements. Girls on independent sites may also specify if they are available or not. To find an escort agency in your city or town, simply use the search function on this website, there you will find details on the best escorts in your specific area.


Lastly, you should always ask yourself “why am I doing this?” before phoning an escort. If you are in a long-term relationship and are looking for some fun when your wife or girlfriend is away, then it’s not advisable. These things can always come back to bite you. If you want a girl that you can treat like a sex slave for an hour, then you should probably invest in a blowup doll. Many men are of the assumption that if you hire an escort for an hour then you can spend that time riding them like a piece of meat, but you need to think of it more like a short date. For much of that hour you will be talking, maybe sharing a drink and a laugh; the sex will be the culmination of the hour, and may only last twenty minutes at the most.

If you simply want a girl to talk dirty to, or one who will dance naked for you, then there are other options available. Many escorts also offer other services such as webcam chats, phone chats and an assortment of kinks. These are much cheapest and are often more readily available, if you like what you see or hear you can then escalate to a sex appointment at a later date.

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