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Vietnam Top List

Most popular cities in Vietnam for adult entertainment:

  1. Hanoi
  2. Ho Chi Minh City

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World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Sydney
  13. Athens
  14. Buenos Aires
  15. Sao Paulo
  16. Hanoi
  17. Newcastle
  18. Manchester
  19. Leeds
  20. Dublin
  21. Rome
  22. Mexico City
  23. Seoul
  24. Delhi
  25. Mumbai

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Hanoi is an incredibly beautiful city of huge political and cultural significance. Despite the controversy in recent years, the city still remains one of the top 10 suggested cities to visit in the world. Hanoi is the capital and second biggest city in Vietnam with an urban population of over 2.5million. The city itself is around 1000 years old; highlighting it’s cultural importance. Although wars have ravaged the country for a long time, the Chinese-ruled city still has a lot to offer tourists looking for a holiday to remember.

There are endless reasons why Vietnam is one of the best cities to visit, and for many years it was also one of the cheapest. One of the most prominent reasons for its popularity is the fact that the city is known as the ‘city of lakes’ due to the fact that it is surrounded by lakes and unforgettable landscapes. There are some exquisitely built strictures and dwellings that have survived hundreds of years, each of which has its own story to tell.

The nightlife in Hanoi has recent exploded, and the city now offers many bars and clubs for eager tourists to experience. One of the best things to do in the city is to try out the pavement culture and sample some of the famous beers and coffees that Hanoi has to offer.

Having an Affair in Hanoi

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Escorts in Hanoi

The choice of escorts in Hanoi is not lacking, and if you’re looking for something special on your holiday then you won’t be disappointed. Most individual escorts and agencies have websites highlighting the best that Hanoi has to offer, and most of them don’t even need translating. Hanoi escorts can give you some cultural spice and intellectual company that isn’t available in any other city.

This is literally one of the sex capitals of the world, with more people searching for a good time here than anywhere else. Here at A World of Sex, for instance, Hanoi is one of our most popular pages, if not the most popular page. There are more people searching for prostitution in Hanoi, escorts in Hanoi, sex in Hanoi, etc., than there are for any other city in any other country. Not bad for a little city in Vietnam, is it? Because of these searches, we have devoted a lot of time in upgrading this page and making sure it is up-to date, so feel free to check out our list of escorts below, which should be available right now.

  • Hanoi Escort Agency is an elite escort agency with dozens of Vietnamese girls to pick from. Most of the girls speak English so you can be sure to get everything you ask for, and make sure that you do ask; these girls are there to please and to accommodate, so don’t be shy.
  • Vietnam Escort Agency can offer you girls from all over the world including Russia and Korea. They have a range of playmates and catwalk models who can provide you with some intimate and sensual company.
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Gay Scene in Hanoi

The gay scene in Hanoi isn’t particularly big or varied in nature. The city itself is only in the early stages of embracing the LGBT lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some new experiences to be had. The cities unique gay culture, bars and clubs offer visitors something a little different from the norm. The Hoan Kiem district is for the most part ahead of the rest in Hanoi, acting as the primary gay district to visit.

  • GC Bar is probably the most popular gay bar in Hanoi and has a gay friendly and lively atmosphere. The bar is relatively small compared to large city gay bars but is hugely popular with travellers and locals who enjoy a good beer and great conversation.
  • The Polar offers gay male massages with a fair few Vietnamese boys to choose from. If you need a bit of stress relief then this leading place to be in Hanoi.

Strip Clubs / Sex Clubs in Hanoi

Due to the strict laws in Hanoi concerning nudity in everything from films to books, there are no strip clubs in the city. However, you can find plenty of entertainment of this nature at karaoke clubs, which often act as a disguise for more illicit activities. This tradition may seem unique and strange to Westerners, but it is actually very common in China, Vietnam and across the East.

Sex Shops in Hanoi

Hanoi, as well as many other cities in Vietnam, has a big sex toy market, with much of the population having recently discovered the booming profession. Small sex shops are rare in Hanoi because of a law concerning what people can sell is still, but there are a lot of markets, supermarkets and pharmacies that sell sex related items such as Viagra and lube. Hang Chieu is a street in the district of Hoam Kiem which is known for its varied sexual products. At night the street can transform into a sex market offering many unusual sex toys and even prostitutes.

Fun for Women in Hanoi

Adult entertainment for women in Hanoi is fairly limited in the types of activities on offer. However, there is no shortage of pleasure to be had at the hands of an experienced Vietnamese man. As well as having many female escorts for men there is a large culture of male escorts as well. The prices of hiring company for the night varies from other major cities and will set you back considerably less.

Rent Boy has a few listings for handsome men in Hanoi that are looking for a bit of fun with foreign women. The experiences available can be a lot more exotic than those advertised elsewhere.

Vice Sisters is a leading agency that caters for men and women. With sweet, strong and experienced men to give you a taste of what Hanoi has to offer.

Massage Parlours in Hanoi

Prostitution is illegal throughout Hanoi and the laws are very strict concerning what can and can’t be advertised. Due to these laws most massage parlours have decided not to advertise on the internet, making the search for such an establishment very difficult. If you’re looking for a ‘happy ending’ massage in Hanoi then the best place to visit is Thuy Khue.

On the street you can find a few different options for a full body massage as well as some more exotic options. Here you can experience some of the more specialist massages such as the Yoni massage for women only.

Hanoi BDSM / Fetish Scene

The BDSM and fetish lifestyle is not particularly strong in Hanoi but it is beginning to emerge. You’re not likely to find any BDSM clubs or bars in Hanoi, and you would be lucky to stumble across one in the street. There are still likeminded people in Hanoi that can give you the experiences you’re after, your best choice would be to look at individual ads.

Fetish / BDSM Escorts in Hanoi

  • Kinky Dom's Webcam Looking for a quick fix? Check out this super-sexy domme's webcam, which you can be streaming immediately. If you have the balls, you can also chat with her.
  • Kugli is a classified ads page that often has listings for BDSM mistress’s or masters in Hanoi. If you look at the right time you may find a Vietnamese fetish partner.
  • Roxxie Bubbles is another classified site that has regular listings for men and women looking to take part in BDSM activities in Hanoi.

Staying Safe in Hanoi

Staying safe in Hanoi is very important, there are a lot of scams that can catch tourists out. When you visit a bank make sure you count out all your money before you leave as many people have been ripped off. The traffic in Hanoi can also pose a big danger; the roadways don’t work the same as in European countries and are often filled with fast moving motorbikes.

Violent crime can also be a concern, so be sure that you carefully research your destinations before exploring them. Despite prostitution being illegal in Hanoi, there is still a market for it in some areas. Due to this there are many diseases and infections circling, it would be wise to use as much protection as possible.


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