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Gynandromorphophilia is the term used for those who are sexually attracted to transgender people.

What is Gynandromorphophilia?

The name gynandromorphophilia is the scientific term used to describe the fetish but other names are used in the community such as; Transfan, Tranny Chaser and Transsensual. The Fetish Gynandromorphophilia can refer to both men and women who prefer transgender people. This can be any type of person within the transgender community including Trans-men and Trans-women but is not exclusive to this. Preferring transgender people is not an unusual fetish and some people class it as the same as preferring men or women.

Gynandromorphophilia doesn’t have to mean a person is homosexual, as is commonly believed, heterosexual people and people with other preferences can have a significant sexual desire towards transgender people as well. The fetish doesn’t have to be exclusive, for some their particular attraction to transgender people is only part of their desires and they can pursue other types of people as well. While a person can be attracted to a transsexual person and curious, they don’t necessarily have to want to be one or have any sexual interest in being part of the lifestyle.

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