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Frotteurism is a paraphilia that involves people rubbing themselves against others in public places.

About Frotteurism

Frotteurism is a paraphilia that involves rubbing oneself against an non-consenting and unsuspecting person. The act of rubbing often involves the pelvic area and can also involve an erect penis. Frotteurism is an illegal act and is classed as a sexual disorder, the act of rubbing your body against an unsuspecting person for sexual pleasure can result in arrest and charge and may be treated in the same vein as public exposure and other sexual misdemeanour crimes.

The word Frotteurism comes from the French which simply means “to rub” or “he who rubs”. The act is often committed in a heavily crowded public place such as on the subway, on a busy shopping street or in a supermarket. Frotteurism is commonly found in Japan where it is known as “Chikan” and has become notorious on on crowded public transport such as trains and buses.

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