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Forniphilia is a fetish where a person is tied tightly to a piece of furniture in an act of bondage.

What is Forniphilia?

Forniphilia is different from most normal forms of bondage and is often used in BDSM activities where a dominant is in control of a submissive. A forniphile enjoys the image of watching someone being tied to furniture or the feeling of being tied themselves. Often know as Human Furniture, the practice of Forniphilia can be very dangerous if not monitored and controlled properly.

The piece of furniture that a person is tied too can vary depending on the situation and where the act is under-taken. Normally a solid piece of wooden furniture such as a chair, bench or wardrobe is used because of its weight and stability. Forniphilia generally involves two or more people, one person being present to tie the other.

Forniphilia is a hard-core type of bondage because of the length of time a person is left tied to the furniture. In some circumstances it can be left so the submissive cannot move at all or is only allowed very limited movement. Due to this there is a risk of smothering if the participant isn’t tied correctly. The sexual arousal commonly comes from the feeling of helplessness and for the dominant the feeling of ultimate control.

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