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Formicophilia is a fetish where a person gets sexually aroused by having insects crawl on their body.

What is Formicophilia?

This paraphilia is a sub category of zoophilia which concerns the use of animals for sexual purposes. A person who has formicophilia has a sexual preference for small insects crawling on their bodies. This could be any small insect such as ants, spiders or flies; the fetish covers all types of insect although certain insects may be preferred over others depending on the individual’s preference.

For a formicophile having the insects move over their body creates sexual feelings and arousal. The body part where the insects are placed could be anywhere; however it is most common for the insects to crawl across the genitals. In some cases the feeling of movement isn’t enough and the insects are required to bite or nibble the person.

Sexual arousal can come from the sensation of being bitten or walked on, however there is also a BDSM aspect to Formicophilia. Dominants may request that insects are placed on their submissives; in this instance the insects may be used for humiliation or punishment. The dominant would then receive sexual arousal by the image of the submissive being in distress or alarmed by the insects presence.

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