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Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Helsinki is the largest city in Finland and represents the country as its capital. The city is quite unique in its nature and layout; the 600,000 strong population is spread over a number of islands that make up the capital. There is also significant architectural design that ranks among some of the best in the world. Helsinki is the most northern capital with an EU membership as well as being one of the biggest cities within the Nordic Nations. Helsinki acts as the major hub for industry and enterprise in Finland with many foreign businesses setting up their headquarters in the city.

Helsinki has a lot to offer travellers wanting to get a taste of Finland and experience Finnish culture at its best. The National Museum of Finland is in the heart of Helsinki and provides an excellent tourist attraction for the city. For those who like the scenic side of travel, Helsinki can give you a unique landscape and a city that has won multiple awards for design. As an eager traveller you don’t just have to stop at the scenery; the city has nightlife to rival many bigger European cities.

Prostitution in Helsinki

Prostitution in Helsinki is not a big business despite the fact that it is legal. Although it is possible to find a prostitute in the city it isn’t as easy as in other cities; a lot of the prostitutes work as escorts or in massage parlours across Helsinki. A large proportion of prostitutes in Helsinki are foreign so it can be even harder to find a native man or woman. The best way to find a prostitute working in the city is to look online for recommendations and advice or to visit Kallio where the industry is at its biggest.

Escorts in Helsinki

Escorts are the best way to get some night-time company in Helsinki and there are many agencies and individuals available to service you. While visiting a lot of places in Helsinki you will find a good and culturally varied choice of escorts from around the world. Escorts in Helsinki generally cover a wide range of ages so whatever your tastes it will be possible to match them.

Happy Escorts is a fantastic portal for finding escorts in and around Helsinki. Most of the escorts available on the site are independent and don’t work for agencies so the prices and services will vary significantly.

Escort Date is another superb site that lists mostly women living in Helsinki. All of them are available for dates, to keep you company or to visit your hotel room during your holiday.

Prostitution on the Streets in Helsinki

There isn’t much of a market for street prostitutes in Helsinki and the prices are normally a lot higher than in other countries. It is common to see a few Prostitutes wondering the streets, but with high demand during the weekend it can be hard to get one. A lot of the women are older than in the usual scene and more often than not they are from another country. While this provides a good variety, you can never be certain what you will find and whether the services on offer will suit your needs.

Sex Shops in Helsinki in Helsinki

There are a few sex shops in Helsinki to choose from, each one being unique in style and independently owned. There isn’t a world of choice when it comes to stores but there’s definitely a good variation of products. For sex toys, Lingerie, whips, chains and everything else you are probably best off in Kallio where there is a bigger selection of sex shops.

Aikuisten Lelukauppa sex shop is famous across the world and can be found in the heart of Kallio. Along with the normal choice of toys you can find specialist HIM products and accessories.

Keltainen Ruusu is without doubt the biggest sex shop in Finland; with a dark room and glory hole it is a popular destination for tourists visiting the city. The shop is open until 7am meaning you can stop by to pick up a toy after the clubs have shut.

Entertainment for Women in Helsinki

Don’t be fooled, Helsinki isn’t just for men to visit and have fun, there’s something for everyone. Along with the cities daytime cultural sights and amazing landscape Helsinki has a fantastic array of activities for women during the night.

Nino Carino is a leading straight male escort that works in Helsinki as well as travelling to other cities. He is handsome, sensual and soft as well as being happy to comply with any of his female client’s fantasies. For a fantastic tour guide or to enjoy a good conversation he is the man to see.

Escort Agencies in Helsinki

Escort agencies are a great way to find multiple women working in the industry that can accommodate your needs. There are an average number of agencies operating in Helsinki but more than enough to satisfy different tastes. Although most agencies in Helsinki exclusively offer women, a few also take on male clients to widen their customer basis.

Fire Escorts have the best woman in Finland, many of whom are native to the country. The escort agency services the entire of Helsinki and can be trusted to be professional and discreet when visiting hotel rooms or bars.

Real Escort have girls in Helsinki and in a few other cities around Finland, so if you’re traveling you can stick with the same agency. You can sign up to the site for free and select your escort so she is ready and waiting for your visit.

Massage Parlors in Helsinki

Although massage parlours are plentiful in Helsinki they are a world away from your usual professional erotic parlours in most cities. There are around 50 massage parlours in the city, with Kallio being one of the best places to find one. The parlours choose not to advertise on the internet and are almost all small Thai massages shops. Some of the parlours include; Grand Hieronta, African Carilia, Thai Hieronta and others are simply named ‘Hieronta’ or ‘Massage’. The best way to find an erotic massage parlour in Helsinki is by foot; once you find one the prices are generally reasonable and all extras need to be requested beforehand.

Clubs in Helsinki

There are a number of clubs operating in Helsinki, spread nicely around the city. You will find ones suited to young travellers as well as those for an older crowd. The clubs are normally popular with the locals as well as tourists so you will be able to meet a lot of local men and woman. Helsinki offers unique clubs that take into account the culture of the capital; you are ensured a lively and exciting experience.

A 21 Cocktail Lounge is a modern club that specialises in luxury cocktails, mixing exciting new flavour combinations. There is always a new cocktail on offer and it is guaranteed that at least one of their cocktails will be one you have never tasted before.

Adam’s Shanghai Cowboy Club and Restaurant is modern, hip and full of life; it is a unique place to visit and one that will make your holiday truly memorable. The dance floor takes on a rave like atmosphere with its inhabitants dancing into the early hours.

Swingers in Helsinki

Although there isn’t many swingers clubs or parties In Helsinki, there are still a large number of avid swingers looking for travellers to have a good time with. Whether you’re a single woman, man or a couple, there is something to make your holiday a little more special. A lot of the swingers in Helsinki will come to your hotel or you are welcome in their homes. While some prefer to get to know you in advance, others are up for a bit of impromptu fun.

Swingers Tantric Club is a community who love swinging in all forms. By browsing through the listings you will be able to find men or woman to match your swinging fantasy, or perhaps experience someone else’s.

Swing Lifestyle have over 1,000 swingers listed in Helsinki for you to choose from. Their swingers are located all over the city; all you need to do is sign up and find someone who meets your requirements.

Strip Clubs in Helsinki

Helsinki doesn’t have a large selection of strip clubs but the ones available are of a high quality and a good standard. You can expect exotic shows that differ in all venues as well as a lively and modern selection of music and drinks. Strip clubs are becoming increasing popular with locals and tourists so the choice is expected to get bigger, but for now you still aren’t left wanting.

Alcatraz is one of the most popular premier strip clubs for tourists to experience whilst in Helsinki. The setting is designed expertly, with each room in the large club having a unique and sensational décor. The live dance performances are some of the most tantalising Helsinki has to offer.

Crystal Show Club is open every night until late, with professionally performed dances to satisfy your desires. The girls are all beautiful and highly trained to give the most sensual performance possible.

Gay Scene in Helsinki

If you head south west away from the main railway station you are likely to stumble upon the gay district. The district is very small compared with other cities, not non-existent. There is a close gay community in Helsinki, with a few bars and clubs to choose from. If you decide to pay them a visit you will be welcomed with open arms and enthusiasm. Helsinki isn’t the natural choice for a gay holiday but it is an exciting cultural trip then won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Hercules attracts a lot of the gay community and is a popular choice for many tourists. It has a good dance floor and a superb bar that offers a fine choice of drinks to suit most budgets.

Fairytale is one of the best gay bars in Helsinki; it is small, cosy and intimate with a lot of locals choosing it as the favourite place to hang out. The bar is easily recognisable by the rainbow window and is open late every night of the week.

On the whole the LGBT scene in Helsinki is getting bigger by the day; you will find an intimate community that are ready to embrace you whatever your sexual orientation may be. There are a few unique experiences to be had along with the bars, clubs and saunas in the city.

The Island of Pihlayasaari is not all it seems to be, by night it is one of the most popular destinations for the LGBT population of Helsinki. The gay nudist beach is one of a kind for its beautiful surroundings; a quick cruise across the water will bring you to the infamous island.

BDSM and Fetish Activities in Helsinki

Helsinki has a good number of BDSM enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with fetishes and testing the limits of BDSM. You will have no problem finding a good dominatrix or mistress during your stay in Helsinki. There aren’t many Fetish clubs or regularly organised activities but there are smaller underground communities. These communities tend to be more specialised in certain subjects so if you can find one matching your interests then you can open up a world of new information to play with.

Geisha Affair has a lot of the escorts listed in Helsinki who specialise in certain fetishes or who are happy to try out some of yours. Many of the escorts are independent and don’t work for agencies so you will find a varied mix of skills and talents.

Mistress Xenia has her own dungeon and likes nothing more than to experiment with new toys. By appointment only in Helsinki you can meet her in her dungeon for a bit of BDSM fun.

Staying Safe in Helsinki

Helsinki isn’t particularly considered a dangerous city; there aren’t too many things to keep an eye out for. One of the major risks is using massage parlours; many are unlicensed and unregulated making it dangerous experience. While selling sex is legal in Helsinki pimping it out isn’t and could have massive consequences for the customer as well as the Pimp. The main other concern is violence in the street; in the west of Europe Finland is known to be the most violent country. Therefore it is advised not to stray far from the places you know or go to areas that aren’t highly populated at night.

Having an Affair in Helsinki

Ash Mad.jpg

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