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Paraphilia roughly translates from the Greek meaning "Different Love" or "Odd Love" and denotes sexual desires that may differ from what is typically perceived as normal. There are a huge number of paraphilia, also known as fetishes, in recorded literature and there are more being added as the information age leads to new discoveries in the field of sexual desire.

About Paraphilia

A paraphilia is a sexual desire that is seen as different or odd, and often perceived as abnormal. Paraphilia can be very diverse in nature, from the popular and widely known paraphilias such as BDSM and foot fetish to the lesser known ones like emetophilia whereby people become sexually aroused by vomit.

Popular and Strange Fetishes

Despite the high risks associated with it, and the fact that many people have died performing it, autoerotic asphyxia, which is known by many other names, is a very popular practice in western society. Bukkake a fetish that involves objectifying a woman by ejaculating on her, is a popular theme used in many Japanese and Western pornography; and even mechanophilia, a paraphilia involving cars and other automobiles and inanimate objects, has its own online communities with a considerable amount of members.

Best Cities for Fetish/BDSM Clubs and Events

Japan is the kink capital of the world, the devoted home of many fetishes and the place where tentacle porn and other popular fetishes began. Tokyo is the most densely populated city in Japan and the best place for fetish clubs and communities. Amsterdam, is one of the most sexually open cities in the world and as well as legal prostitution and the most famous red light district in Europe, there are also plenty to offer for fetish fans.

Germany, and in particular Berlin, rules when it comes to the industrial scene and to fetishes such as bondage, rubbers, leathers and BDSM. Nearby Austria and the Czech Republic are also well worth a visit.

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