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Feederism is the act of feeding another or being fed food for sexual pleasure and on-going arousal of one or both people involved.

What is Feederism?

Feederism is most commonly a consensual fetish that both parties have agreed upon in advance. While most fetishes are acted out at certain times and places, feederism is generally a long process and involves a person being fed continually over weeks, months and in some cases years. Feederists often have a fascination with abnormally large or morbidly obese people and find them sexually attractive, with the feeding part being only part of the attraction.

Usually a man takes the place as the feeder while a woman acts as the feedee; in rarer circumstances these roles can switch, or in gay relationships either can take the role. There are multiple reasons why someone might find pleasure in feederism and these can relate back to BDSM and the act of dominance over somebody else.

A person may have the intention to feed someone until they are of a weight where they are completely dependent on the other. In the role reversal the feedee might enjoy being fed and looked after. When the parties involved aren’t in a relationship, one may watch the other feed themselves over a webcam and gain sexual pleasure.


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