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Exhibitionism is a fetish category that covers all types of exposing oneself to another person. This is generally a body part such as the penis, breasts or vagina that isn’t typically on display.

What is Exhibitionism?

In exhibitionism, the exposure can be directed towards an individual or a large crowd, both can be people the person knows or complete strangers. The act can take place with a single person performing it or a group of people exposing themselves at the same time. The act of exhibitionism, despite drawing major media interest, is not a new fetish and has been around for over a thousand years.

The act has many different forms and sub categories but in general it is performed for three different reasons, dependent of who is exposing themselves. The first is to receive a shocked response from others; the second is to gain sensual pleasure from the act of doing it and the third is to entice another into performing sexual actions.

Although many associate exhibitionism with performing a prank or creating a spectacle, there are still many people that do it for their own sexual pleasure. This could be down to the illegality of the act, the sensation of others seeing the exposed parts or for other sexual reasons.


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