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Escorts have been around for many years and are often thought to be a more organised form of prostitution. Although prostitution has been officially recorded since the thirteenth century, the practise of escorting came much later and differs from the classic sense of paying somebody for sex which is illegal in a lot of countries.

About Escorts / History of Escorts

Escorts practiced in private long before advertisements started appearing in magazines and newspapers, making their earlier history mostly unknown. There are many types of escorts including male, female, lesbian, gay, she-male and transgender, servicing all sexual desires and orientations. Although most of the escort population are female, there are still many male who are entering the profession.

Escorts are there to provide paid company for men and women. Commonly they are known to negotiate sexual services in exchange for money, whether it is an outcall appointment taking place at a location you have arranged, or an incall appointment where they have provided the place. Appointments can last anywhere between half an hour or days at a time, depending on what you require and how much you have paid.

Although being paid for sex or sexual pleasures is illegal in some places, many still offer this opportunity upon hiring them. A lot of men and women have made a very healthy living out of this practice, servicing the same clients multiple times a week.

Modern Escorts

Providing sexual pleasure isn’t the only practice of most escorts and is often only a partial reason for hiring one. Some escorts offer a girlfriend or boyfriend experience where clients can take them out to events such as company dinners or shows. This provides a much more personal experience and some escorts will offer extra services like kissing or foreplay which is very different to the rushed sex the industry is known for. Certain types of escorts can accompany you on holiday, providing their services for weeks at a time. Others work internationally and provide company for men and women who have to travel for work.

The internet has boosted the popularity of escorts, with many escort services being set up to provide a market place where clients can choose between multiple people. Other escorts work for themselves, staying with loyal clients or advertising by their own means. Because of the strict laws outlining what an escort can and can’t do it can often be hard to negotiate exactly what you want within the law. Due to this, escorts can only advertise themselves for massages or as a form of company.

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