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Erotophonophilia is a paraphilia where people derive intense pleasure or sexual arousal by murdering others, and is often exhibited by serial killers and other lust murderers.

Erotophonophilia Basics

Erotophonophilia, also known as Lust Murder, is the act of achieving sexual gratification through murder. A Lust Murder is typically one that occurs during sex, or a sexual activity, in which the murderer climaxes or gains further sexual pleasure from the act of murder. Erotophonophilia also includes the act of mutilating genitalia, and is therefore a very graphic and incredibly violent act.

Erotophonophilia often incorporates other types of paraphilia (such as cannibalism and necrophilia) and may be fuelled by childhood trauma, drugs, alcohol or an addition to hardcore pornography and a desire to live out fantasises derived from this.

Lust Murderers / People with Erotophonophilia

Many erotophonophilia sufferers are males and the condition is common in serial killers who choose their targets because of a sexual motive. Historically the most famous lust murderer, or erotophonophile, is Jack the Ripper, the unidentified serial killer who was linked to the graphic and brutal murder of five prostitutes in Victorian London. Ted Bundy (The Lady Killer / The Campus Killer) Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer) John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown) and Jeffrey Dahmer are all known to have suffered from this condition. Part of the The Blood Countess legend, which revolves around Elizabeth Bathory, suggests that one of her motives for murder was because of this perversion.

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