Disability Fetish

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A Disability Fetish is where a person either wants to be disabled or desires to perform sexual acts with a disabled person.

What is Disability Fetish?

Although some people class this as a fetish, others see it as an ordinary attraction, such as preferring people with brown hair or blue eyes. Having a fetish for disabled people can include liking crutches, wheelchairs or casts but is not limited to these. A tenth of the worldwide population is considered as having some sort of disability so it isn’t uncommon to have a disabled partner or to have a sexual interest in someone who has suffered or was born with a disability.

There are endless reasons why someone actively seeks a disabled partner, these could be because of a desire to take care of them or because they have intense sympathy for the person. Others see disabled people as easy targets if they can’t attract someone else. Whatever the reason behind the fetish, it is generally harmless. However, people who want a disability or actively seek to become disabled can be dangerous. Although mostly this desire is psychological, it can be enacted through role play where one or more party involved pretends to be disabled to gain sexual pleasure.


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