Diaper Fetish

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Diaper fetishes are quite a wide spectrum with many different types, behaviours and reasons. The general concept is that a person receives sexual pleasure or stimulation by wearing a diaper. This can come from the feeling of wearing it, the knowledge that it is being worn in public or the ability to soil themselves whilst out and about.

What is Diaper Fetish?

It is important to separate a diaper fetish from other fetishes such as pedophilia as it does not revolve around any attraction to infants or children; the person wearing the diaper only gets pleasure from the actual diaper not any other thoughts.

There is no real way to class a diaper fetish as everybody has their own specific reasons behind the act, mostly these are harmless and for personal pleasure only. Diaper lovers don’t have to partake in other activities like pretending to be a baby, but the two can coincide occasionally. The community for adult babies and diaper lovers is closely knit.

Diapers are also worn in certain BDSM activities but this is mostly for the humiliation of the person wearing it rather than getting pleasure from the texture or feel of it.


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