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The term dacryphilia is used to describe the arousal a person receives when viewing tears.

What is Dacryphilia?

There are quite a few ways in which a person can experience dacryphilia. While the general term is used in relation to someone being sexually aroused by a person crying it can be different for each person. Some people get pleasure from crying themselves whilst others prefer to watch other people crying.

Dacryphilia is often used in BDSM activities for many reasons, mostly for humiliation and pleasure. A submissive may like to cry as a form of submission, while a dominant may like to watch another cry to show power over them and then gain sexual pleasure from that. Dacryphilia has been associated with the feeling of overwhelming emotions both in oneself and witnessing it in another. This could be from pain, distress or another reason, whatever the person finds most arousing.

Some people may experience dacryphilia when they cry, getting pleasure from their own mistakes, bad news or just the release it gives a person. There are also occurrences in BDSM activities where an outsider may enjoy watching a scene played out between other people and get aroused when one cries or is submitted to intense distress or pain.

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