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There is a fair amount of dispute over chronophilia being classed as a specific fetish, in a lot of cases it describes a group of fetishes relating to age and the difference of age between sexual partners.

What is Chronophilia?

In general you can class a person who practices chronophilia as a person who is aroused by a specific age group and targets them for sexual activities. The group they are aroused by could be vastly older or younger than them, and in some cases it may be illegal. However, chronophilia is mostly thought of as women who like older men, a preference that is not uncommon.

There are many [[fetishes that come under the umbrella of chronophilia and individually describe different stages of the fetish. Pedophilia falls under this category and is perhaps the most well-known of age related fetishes. Teleiophilia is almost the opposite and is where a person is attracted to adults, often older than them.


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