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Chremastistophilia is a paraphilia where a person gets aroused at the thought of being in a relatively dangerous situation.

What is Chremastistophilia?

The situations involved in chremastistophilia generally involve another person putting the chremastistophile in danger. As an example: a women may be robbed by a man and he would then be the object of her desire after the act has taken place. Then would then have sex or take part in a sexual activity together. The situation could be anything where the person is put at risk such as a robbery, car hijacking or being sold as a prostitute.

Chremastistophilia can be a lethal fetish if the act the person imagines takes place or they encourage the act to happen. The most common way to realise the fetish is to take part in BDSM with another consenting person. Through BDSM they may be able to simulate the experience of being robbed. This can then take place in a safe environment where everyone involved knows or has an inclination of what will take place. Although these acts may not completely relinquish the desire to be truly in a dangerous situation they can provide a submissive and satisfying act for the chremastistophile.


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