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UK Top List

Most popular UK cities for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Newcastle
  4. Birmingham
  5. Leeds
  6. Bristol
  7. Brighton
  8. Liverpool
  9. Glasgow
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Cardiff
  12. Sheffield
  13. Bradford
  14. Plymouth

World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Bangkok
  4. Shanghai
  5. Tokyo
  6. Rio de Janeiro
  7. New York
  8. Madrid
  9. Berlin
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Newcastle
  12. Manchester
  13. Leeds
  14. Dublin
  15. Rome
  16. Mexico City
  17. Seoul
  18. Delhi
  19. Mumbai

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Cardiff is a major industrial city, the capital of Wales and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The city itself is bordered by hills and occupies a flat plain adjacent to the famous Cardiff docks. While Cardiff has only been classed as a city for a short time — a little over 100 years — it has a long history as an important part of the Welsh culture. Around 10% of the entire Welsh population live within the city limits, making it biggest city in Wales as well as its capital. Most of the city occupies the county of Glamorgan, although it does extend out to other towns.

Cardiff is the centre of industry in Wales and is the most significant and major port in the country. The docks handle most of the trade and its commercial links make it noted among the major European capitals. Most of Cardiff’s fame comes from its massive coal mining industry, which still marks the landscape today. While coal is not as significant an industry in Cardiff as it once was, the city has invested in other enterprises. A large proportion of the wealth that Wales has as a country comes from the industrial sectors in Cardiff.

Tourism in Cardiff is also a big business. Although not thought of to be a popular tourist destination, it has proved to be a great source of income for the country as a whole. Named as one of the top alternative destinations, there is a cultural aspect of the city that is popular with travellers of all ages. Sport is another big part of life in Cardiff and significant source of income from tourists. The Millennium Stadium is just one of the most popular destinations in the city dedicated to sport. Rugby is a favourite pastime and a source of much pride for the locals.

Escorts in Cardiff

The hiring of an escort in Cardiff, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom, is completely legal. The escort scene in Cardiff is pretty big, especially considering the size of the city, so you are likely to find a good selection to choose from. Both male and female escorts are fairly easy to come by, both those working alone with private listings and ones that belong to an escort agency.

Hiring an escort is an ideal way to get some company from an attractive person whilst on holiday. Whether you would like someone to talk to, show you around or to take out to dinner there is sure to be a service that suits your needs. In Cardiff you will find many websites listing lone escorts, most of whom cover the entire city and the surrounding areas. There are also a couple of agencies that offer a wide variety of services, both incall and outcall, that differ from the lone listings.

  • Portfolio Escorts have a selection of female companions for you to choose from at your leisure. There are also a few male escorts, giving you plenty of options, depending on what you fancy.
  • Cardiff Escort Agency is high class agency and has a number of luxury services on offer. They have VIP treatment and a selection of girls that will easily rival most other escort agencies in the city and worldwide.

Gay Scene in Cardiff

The gay scene in Cardiff is legendary, to say the least. For such a young city it has a massive gay community that want nothing more than to party and have fun. With four universities occupying the relatively small city, the gay crowd is mostly young; although there are a couple places mainly for the older generation to visit. The gay scene mostly reflects the night club scene — loud, lively and upbeat. Charles Street is the central home of most of the gay bars and attractions and the number one destination for gay locals, students and visitors.

Every year the streets of Cardiff are flooded with the gay community, both local and foreign. They are all there for one thing, Cardiff Mardi Gras. There is no bigger, louder or more popular event in the entire United Kingdom that celebrates gay culture. Tens of thousands of people attend every year, making the event a major Cardiff tourist attraction.

  • Wow Bar is a gay hotspot and one of the liveliest bars in the city. Live cabaret shows, cheap shots and weekend shows are just a few of the reasons why Wow Bar is a major party spot.
  • The Kings is a large and fun-filled club that is at the centre of the gay community. The Kings club is open every night of the week and is a favourite among local students and tourists alike.

Strip Clubs in Cardiff

There are numerous strip clubs dotted around the city of Cardiff. Although there isn’t a main strip club area there is a fair selection to choose from throughout the city. While the choice doesn’t match many major city capitals such as London, Berlin and Edinburgh, Cardiff strip clubs are unique and exciting and still manage to draw in thousands of people each week, many of which are local students.

You are likely to find a lot of local girls working in the clubs alongside a few foreign women. The clubs are generally moderately priced, both for the services and drinks; the prices reflect the fact that Cardiff is a major student city. Most of the buildings are modern, with tasteful décor throughout. The strip clubs in Cardiff are lively places and a great spot for anyone looking to let loose and have some fun.

Fantasy Lounge is a prime destination for stag parties and even hen nights. There is a wide selection of beautiful female dancers that put on shows regularly.

Play House is all about luxury and indulgence. You won’t be left wanting for anything the second you enter the club; private rooms, personal fridges and modern dances mean that the club is fully equipped to give you what you want throughout the evening.

Sex Shops in Cardiff

There aren’t many sex shops to choose from in Cardiff, the most popular option is to shop online for the products you want. While the choice of sex shop doesn’t quite live up to the active sex industry in Cardiff, if you decide to find a local shop then the choice you will find there will be worth the visit. In these stores you should be able to find almost anything you need, from small toys such as dildos, to fetish clothing and DVDs.

Passion is large sex shop, with an online store as well. They sell all types of sex products, from lingerie to sex toys. The store is open every day of the week so there’s always time to stop by and check out their products.

Fleshlight Sale If you can’t get to the shops in this city, or you’re too embarrassed, then you can always order online.This link points to Love Honey’s huge selection of Fleshlights, with a vast array of oral, anal and vaginal Fleshlights to check out. There is even a Sex in a Can. Genius. If you want to read more about them and see our reviews of the best ones available, then checkout our Fleshlights page.

Bondage Gear if you want some cheap and discreet bondage gear to get down and dirty with your partner, then check out this wide selection from the UK’s biggest sex toy retailer, Love Honey. They ship Internationally, but you can get the best offers and prices if you are based in the UK.

Fun for Women in Cardiff

Cardiff is a city for women of all ages, tastes and experience. However you want to entertain yourself on your visit, there is sure to be something to suit your needs. Whether you fancy hitting the nightclubs, checking out the bars or trying something a little more exotic, your options aren’t in short supply.

Compared with many other nearby cities, Cardiff caters to the female market very well. There is an assortment of options for lone travellers, hen parties, group holidays and even couple breaks. If you want to spice up your holiday then many clubs have regular male shows, strip dances and performances to create a memorable experience for any woman.

Dream Men are the perfect choice for hen night celebrations. The all-male strip teases are suitable for all adults looking for a bit of fun. Their performances are infamous and a must see on a trip to Cardiff.

Gentlemen 4 Hire is an escort service that operates across the UK, especially in Cardiff. On their site you will find listings of many attractive men for company and more. While the prices vary depending on who you want, you are likely to find a suitable partner at a reasonable price.

Mobile Sex Toy The Sqweel Go is a unique and amazing sex toy that you can take with you anywhere. Available cheap online from Europe’s biggest sex toy retailer, this promises to take you places you have never been before. Check our review of this product on our Sqweel Go page.

Massage Parlours in Cardiff

Massage parlours in Cardiff are not hard to come by, especially late at night as many are open until first thing in the morning. The parlours have a good mix of local and foreign girls who offer a selection of sensual services. Checking out one of the parlours for a relaxing massage is a popular end to the day for many tourists.

Many of the parlours are discreet and tucked away to give you complete privacy when arriving and enjoying their services. The price of these services depend entirely on the massage parlour that you visit, but it is likely that a half hour appointment will set you back in the region of £50, or around $90. If you go for the more luxurious treatments then it will cost considerably more. The massage parlours are dotted around Cardiff so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one, and if you don’t want to travel then a number of the places offer out-call massages as well. You can even order such treatments from one of the escort agencies, although you will still have to pay the same hourly fees as you would for “other” services.

Health Massage is a reasonably priced place for massages in Cardiff and is home to many exotic girls. They specialise in sensual massages that give utter satisfaction for all their customers.

Bay Massage is a luxury establishment with VIP services for everyone. You can go alone, with a friend or even your partner. They are very accommodating to all.

Cardiff BDSM / Fetish Scene

While Cardiff isn’t renowned for its BDSM scene, it is up and coming with a few options for the fetish traveller. You won’t find as much variety as you would in most major cities but there is a few options here. The fetish scene caters for all ages and experiences, so there’s no problem if it’s your first time doing this sort of thing, or if you’re a veteran of the kinky arts.

A few of the more popular night clubs occasionally have theme nights, some in the BDSM theme, so if you fancy something a bit on the tamer side then one of them may suit you. For a taste of the more hard-core lifestyle then a local swinger’s party will show you a dedicated aspect of the lifestyle. While some escorts have BDSM facilities, to go straight to the source its worth trying out a dominant or dominatrix. These tend not to offer sex as a standard part of the package, as disclosed in our exclusive interviews with a number of escorts operating within the United Kingdom.

Fetish Escorts and BDSM Dominatrices in Cardiff

  • Mistress Lashes welcomes newcomers to the lifestyle and is an expert at helping them become accustomed to the practise. Whether you’re new or not, Mistress Lashes has something to offer those looking to have some BDSM fun.
  • Matrix has a fully equipped dungeon for all of her clients to play in. A visit to Donna Matrix will show you the hard-core side of BDSM, she regularly takes on new clients for long term contracts, and can also do one-off meetings if you’re just passing through.

Staying Safe in Cardiff

Cardiff isn’t a massive city but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers lurking within it. The city is a major student location so you’re likely to come across many during your visit. During the week the city may be calm, but at the weekend it comes alive. Not only do you have to compete with the thousands of students in residence, but also the students that descend on Cardiff from all over the United Kingdom. When you’re out drinking and partying always be aware that you definitely won’t be the only one.

You also also advised to beware of tourist scams during your stay in the city. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times and never follow someone you don’t know. If it’s your first visit or if you’re not comfortable moving about the city then your safest bet is to stick to the normal tourist trails and not wonder too far from the main, well-lit areas.

Perhaps the most important advice is to know the local law and understand that it may not be the same as the country you’re from. Prostitution is legal but there are aspects of the industry that aren’t, revise your local law before pursuing any activities you’re not sure about.

Affairs in Cardiff

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