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A brothel is a usually a building that houses a number of individual en-suite rooms, much like a hotel room or bed and breakfast. The brothel is staffed by women (or men) who use the rooms to sleep with clients for money. The style and size of the building differs from city to city, usually depending on whether prostitution is legal in that city or not, with the classier and more elegant establishments in cities where prostitution is legal and freely available.

Brothels Throughout the World

In many countries where prostitution is legal, the act of owning or running a brothel is still forbidden. This is the case in counties like the United Kingdom, and as a result many of the brothels you find in places like London, Manchester and Newcastle are somewhat sleazy and rundown establishments, typically found in converted residential houses in poorer areas of the city. In other countries, where prostitution is legal and widely practiced, such as Amsterdam and many parts of Germany, these buildings can resemble modern, high-class hotels and strip clubs.