Blood Fetish

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Blood fetishes are fairly common in the world of BDSM but can be practised outside of this area.

What is Blood Fetish?

Having a blood fetish means that you get sexually excited or aroused by the sight, feel or taste of blood. Depending on the individual it could be their own blood or someone else’s blood that excites them. Other pain fetishes generally use blood as a secondary way to gain pleasure along with other acts. Drawing blood from a person who is not willing is illegal so most of the practices involving blood are consensual.

Generally people believe that a women’s period blood is the main attraction in a blood fetish but in most cases this is wrong. Although some men and women who have a blood fetish do enjoy having sex with a woman who is bleeding, others do not. A blood fetish can also extend to cutting, biting or breaking skin. Drawing blood is a key part of vampirism fetishes and is often related to that fetish in particular.

A smaller amount of people also believe that blood contains special properties and practice a blood fetish because of this, however these are the minority.


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