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The sexual fetish biastophilia revolves around the desire to rape another person and have non-consensual sex with them. This could be through kidnapping a person or just forcing a stranger to comply with sex when they don’t want to.

What is Biastophilia?

Biastophilia is extremely illegal to practise and can result in life imprisonment in many countries. The desire associated with biastophilia is not illegal in itself, and a lot of people have urges similar to it, but it is illegal in practise. In some cases, especially when practised, biastophilia be considered a diagnosable psychological disease and treatment can be provided.

The most common way to express rape fantasies and biastophilia is to take part in other fetishes or BDSM activities. Most of these are considered legal and a person can simulate a rape scenario where both parties are still consenting. These performances can satisfy many biastophilia desires but in some cases the pretence is not enough. Along with many other fetishes, biastophilia is considered potentially lethal and it is not advised for people to practise.

Consenting couples often undertake rape fantasies, as the desire to feel like you’re being raped or feel like your raping someone is not uncommon.


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