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World Top List

Most popular cities in the world for adult entertainment:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Bangkok
  5. Shanghai
  6. Tokyo
  7. Rio de Janeiro
  8. New York
  9. Madrid
  10. Berlin
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Rome
  13. Sydney
  14. Athens
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Sao Paulo
  17. Hanoi
  18. Newcastle
  19. Manchester
  20. Leeds
  21. Dublin
  22. Florence
  23. Mexico City
  24. Seoul
  25. Delhi
  26. Mumbai

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Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. Since the late 1700s, Bangkok has been known as Thailand’s largest and most important city. Back then it was a small trading centre and a port community. Now it has a population of almost ten million people which is around twenty percent of the total population of the country. The city has grown rapidly since the 1960s and it exerts a tremendous influence on the politics, economy, education and media of the country.

Vast amounts of foreign investments have been steadily pouring into Bangkok since the 1980s, transforming Bangkok into a major regional force in the avenues of finance and business. Apart from being an international hub for transport and healthcare, Bangkok is also steadily emerging as a regional centre for arts, entertainment and fashion. Its historic buildings, ornate temples and spectacular palaces attract millions of tourists every year. The presence of the world-famous floating market and the colourful Chinatown, combined with all the factors mentioned above, make Bangkok a dazzling and awe-inspiring place to visit.

The Sex Scene in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great party city and has a unique buzz no matter what time of the day it is. It is undoubtedly one of the most safest and relaxed cities in the world. The nightlife in Bangkok ranges from live music in jazz clubs to great food in world class restaurants. The thriving cabaret scene allows tourists to choose from a vast array of venues for highly entertaining shows which are full of laughter, music and dancing. The locals are not only known for their love of the nightlife, but also for their friendliness. If you happen to be in Bangkok alone, you won’t find it very hard to encounter other singles looking to have a good time, irrespective of gender. With a collection of ultra cool bars and trendy clubs, tourists are always spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to head next.

Bangkok is also very well known for its massage parlours and go-go bars. There are three red light districts in Bangkok, which are all located in the city centre. Although prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, the profession has always thrived in massage parlours, saunas and even hotels. Although most hotels in Bangkok are guest friendly, which means they allow their guests to invite girls or freelance prostitutes over without any extra charges, some hotels charge as much as one thousand Thai Baht per girl.

Bangkok’s level of sex tourism has earned it the nickname of ‘The Sin City of Asia’. That is probably also the reason why Mastercard ranked Bangkok as the best global destination by international visitors in its Global Destination Cities Index 2013. Additionally, and rather unsurprisingly, Bangkok has also been named as ‘The World’s Best City’ by Travel and Leisure magazine for 4 consecutive years.

Escorts in Bangkok

In addition to the natural scenic beauty the city of Bangkok possesses, the city is also home to some of the most stunning escorts in the region, most of which are employed by specialist escort agencies while some operate as freelancers. These lovely ladies provide a wide variety of services, making sure that all your carnal desires are truly fulfilled. There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding an escort in the city of Bangkok. Most escort agencies have both incall and outcall escorts, while some also offer nationwide and/or international packages in which you are allowed to travel with the girl you choose.

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  • Bangkok Blue Escorts is one of the most established escort agencies in the country, offering a huge number of stunning local and foreign girls for you to choose between.
  • Erotica Queens are also famous for the beautiful girls they employ, concentrating on local Thai girls, which is what attracts many sex tourists to this area after all.

Sex Shops in Bangkok

As far as sex shops are concerned the city of Bangkok, rather unfortunately, does not have much to offer. A sex shop or two pops up every now and then, but is closed down as soon as the authorities detect it. The sex laws in Bangkok are very contradictory, the best example being how the sex trade is tolerated although it is technically illegal. It is hard to understand the logic behind categorising sex toys as illegal, while hundreds of brothels and sex shows are allowed to conduct their business.

There have been reports of a few shops in Chinatown selling sex toys but none are very prominent. Street sellers attract potential customers with photo albums/pictures of sex toys and pornography DVDs. So the best bet for people who do not want to waste their time looking for a shop that sells some under the counter, is to order sex toys online. There are numerous websites such as that offer free global shipping. Tourists can also bring their own from their home country for personal use.

Strip Clubs / Go-Go Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok has an awesome collection of strip clubs or go-go bars (the oriental version of strip clubs), most of which are equipped with tremendously hot looking dancers/strippers, and they sure know how to put on a show. You should not have any problems locating a strip club that matches your preferences.

  • The Strip is one of the leading strip clubs in the city of Bangkok. It is a compact and cozy place, with some lovely ladies on display. Additionally, they even have private booths for special entertainment. They can also be found on Facebook at *The Strip.
  • Bada Bing is also very well known, especially as it is considered to be one of the most modern bars in the city. Their Facebook link is *Bada Bing.

Gay Scene in Bangkok

Bangkok has such a thriving gay/lesbian community that it is globally known as South East Asia’s gay hub. Not only that, but Bangkok is probably the only city in the world with pink taxi cabs that only cater to LGBT residents and tourists.

  • DJ Station is a name so famous in the gay community of Bangkok that the locals say ‘you have not been to Bangkok if you have not been to DJ Station’. Enough said.
  • Transgender Cams If you want something extra special, then check out the transgender webcams on iFriends. These can be accessed immediately and there are dozens of real transgender men and women waiting for you right now.
  • Telephone Pub is also a very popular and gay-friendly destination in the city of Bangkok. Founded in 1987, it is one of the oldest gay bars in town and is a popular destination for tourists.

Massage Parlours in Bangkok

If you want to relieve some stress the oriental/traditional way, you will find plenty of massage parlours all over Bangkok, with some providing special services upon request.

  • Copa Cabana Massage Parlor Is one of the most exclusive and well-known, perfect for tourists in the mood for a happy ending.
  • Annies Massage is an ideal place to visit. It is by far the longest running licensed massage parlour in the entire city and it employs professional massage therapists.

Fun for Women in Bangkok

For ladies looking to have some fun in Bangkok, there is no shortage of fun-filled bars and swanky hotels (boutique or normal), especially near the Sukhumvit area which lies in the heart of the city. Nor is there is any shortage of single and/or available women in Bangkok who want to party.

  • Levels Club and Lounge is very popular for their ‘Six-Pack Fridays’, as is evident from their Facebook page.
  • Q Bar Bangkok is not very far behind in the list of ladies’ favourite hotspots, with their Magic Mike Ladies Night attraction being a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike..

Swingers in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok offers a lot of venues and opportunities for couples wanting to indulge in partner-sharing activities. A lot of places allow/facilitate swinging but do not openly advertise it in fear of negative publicity. There are a lot of platforms available online, such as Swing in Thailand, which is powered by the award winning adult dating tool called the Red Hot Pie. There is also Thailand Swingers Party. The number of organisations and clubs that only cater to swingers is very low, and most members of the circle operate underground.

Bangkok BDSM / Fetish Scene

BDSM basically involves a variety of erotic exercises which revolve around dominance and submission, sexual restraint, role playing between partners amongst other interpersonal dynamics. BDSM service providers differ from regular escorts as a lot of BDSM activities do not even involve actual sexual intercourse. There are a lot of BDSM escorts and/or fetishists which operate in the city of Bangkok, some individually and most through agencies.

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  • Mistress Thailand is very well known for its BDSM services, as is Bar Bar Fetish Club. One place that truly deserves a special mention is The Eden Club. This place has been successfully satisfying its clients for more than fifteen years now. Not only do they provide services pertaining to BDSM, they also welcome swinger couples and all their girls are bisexual. Lastly, Mistress Nikki is probably the most popular one when it comes to individual BDSM escorts.

Having an Affair in Bangkok

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