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Autovampirism is not a sexual act but a form of Erotic Target Identify Inversion which is the practice of imagining that you are something else and gaining sexual pleasure from it. In the case of Autovampirism it means that the person involved imagines themselves as a form of vampire. This could involve dressing, talking or acting as a vampire and then masturbating.

What is Autovampirism?

People who practice autovampirism for sexual pleasure may create whole vampire-related worlds in their heads and pretend they are a part of this world.

Most autovampirism activities are generally performed in private and without company as the majority of the acts are undertaken in the mind. Autovampirism is commonly known as the autoerotic version of vampirism where a person preforms sexual acts on others whilst acting as a vampire. With the recent increase in vampire-related media, it is likely that the practice of autovampirism has become more popular.

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