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Autopedophilia is a fetish category where a person imagines themselves as a child and gets pleasure from the image.

What is Autopedophilia?

Autopedophilia is similar to autonepiophilia but is generally where a person imagines themselves older than a baby, normally a child of three years or higher; but this is dependent on the person. Autopedophilia is not the same as peadophilia as the person involved does not have an attraction towards children. Instead they like to view themselves as a child and get sexual satisfaction by acting and looking like a child.

In some cases the person involved may imagine themselves as a child and this may act as a foreplay technique with a sexual partner. However, it can get a lot more involved and other people with autopedophilia decide to dress and behave like a child. These scenes can be played out with another person acting as a guardian or parent. Sexual activities vary but most autopedophiles are aroused just by the act of performing in such a way. They choose to play like a child or be dressed in such a way that gives them pleasure. The source of the arousal could be due to childhood experiences, having control taken away or for more individual personal reasons.

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