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Autonepiophilia is the act of pretending to be a baby or young infant for sexual pleasure.

What is Autonepiophilia?

Often associated with paedophilia or similar fetishes, autonepiophilia is very different and not illegal. Autonepiophilia is where a person gets aroused by the thought or act of being a child. There are multiple names for the fetish as well as many sub categories; one of the most common terms used is adult babies or adult baby syndrome. Autonepiophilia doesn’t mean that a person has an attraction to children or any sexual feelings for them but instead feel aroused themselves by acting like one.

Autonepiophilia is fairly complex and differs significantly from person to person as to what excites them and what they like to do. Some people like the entire baby process, from being fee like a baby, dressing up and being looked after. Others like to wear diapers and only get pleasure from that. Sexual feelings can come from many places during the role-play of being an adult baby. Some people find being looked after and having control taken from their hands as a sexual trigger. Autonepiophilia is becoming a well-known fetish with many facilities being set up so that they can practice the fetish in public with other autonepiophiles.

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