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Autogynephilia is where a man is sexually aroused by viewing himself as a female.

What is Autogynephilia?

Autogynephilia is the reverse of autoandrophilia which is where a woman imagines herself as a man. An Autogynephile can get aroused by the thought of themselves becoming or acting like a women. This may vary slightly from the normal transgender processes and the sexual arousal doesn’t always occur in men wanting to be a women.

While some men just like the thought of being women, others partake in extra activities such as dressing like a woman or acting like one. These activities differ from person to person, some men choosing to have surgery to make themselves into a woman.

Most men who partake in the fetish are homosexual or bisexual but there is still a heterosexual community that actively take part in the fetish and related activities. Some men who view themselves as an autogynephile may never act on their impulses an instead choose to simply imagine what it may be like. The sexual arousal experienced could have many different origins depending on the personal experiences and reasons why an Autogynephile enjoys acting like a woman.

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