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A female who has autoandrophilia gets sexually aroused by the thought of themselves as a male.

What is Autoandrophilia?

An autoandrophile is a woman who likes to imagine themselves as being a man or who wants to become a man. The term describes a proportion of the female transgender community who have gone through the stage of imagining themselves with a male body. Autoandrophilia can occur at any point in a female’s life, often if she starts to question whether she is in the right body.

Classing themselves as having sutoandrophilia means that a person may decide to live their life as a man and go through a sex change operation. However, it can also remain as a mental image and provide sexual excitement through a person’s imagination. A female may also express these desires by dressing or acting like a man and receive pleasure through that act.

Although autoandrophilia is not an uncommon paraphilia many people still decide to hide the fact that they are an autoandrophile or only reveal it to a select few of their friends or family. Becoming an autoandrophile or acting on the sexual impulses does not mean that the woman is a lesbian or bisexual, there are many people that experience autoandrophilia that are heterosexual.

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