Auto Haemofetishism

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Auto Haemofetishism is a form of vampirism where a person bleeds themselves for sexual arousal.

What is Auto Haemofetishism?

Auto Haemofetishism is a blood fetish where a person receives a form of sexual pleasure through the act of letting blood flow from their body. Auto haemofetishism is a sub category and type of vampirism, which generally consists of sexual arousal from vampire-like acts. It is also a fetish in itself.

The act of letting blood out of your body, or bleeding oneself, is not always associated with the pain received but more from the feeling received when the blood leaves the body. The arousal could also be from the image or smell of the blood as well as a combination of all the sensations. It is also person-dependent in regards to where the blood is drawn from, it could any body part that is the source of arousal or in some cases all body parts.

Unlike most blood fetishes, ingestion of the blood doesn’t have to be a part of the act and the taste of blood may not be an arousal-trigger for some of the people who practice Auto Haemofetishism. Normally the fetish is a private act where a person bleeds themselves but other variations could include being bleed by other people or bleeding other people and experiencing pleasure that way.

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