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Autassassinophilia is a fetish associated with feeling danger and the arousal that comes from it.

What is Autassassinophilia?

Autassassinophilia is commonly known as the sexual arousal received from being almost killed or being put in extreme danger. Autassassinophilia is similar to other fetishes that involve danger. There is no specific type of danger that needs to be felt, but it can be different from person to person.

Autassassinophilia isn’t about receiving pain, as in BDSM, but is instead about the scene or sequences of scenes that cause danger. The majority of people who enjoy autassassinophilia experience pleasure when placed in a dangerous situation such as being robbed, held up at gun-point or kidnapped. Normally sexual arousal is felt when the person’s life is at risk, but it could also be at the thought of being seriously injured.

The fetish doesn’t always have to be real and in some cases the acts are imagined or made up as a form of erotica or foreplay. This could be a fake kidnapping or a partner acting in a certain way.

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