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Autagonistophilia is the fetish term used to describe a person who is sexually aroused by performing in front of people.

What is Autagonistophilia?

The act or thought of performing on stage or in front of a large crowd of people makes people who have autagonistophilia become aroused and experience sexual pleasure. The type of performance generally doesn’t matter in autagonistophilia, it could be during a play, a comedy routine or any other act in front of people.

There are a number of reasons why arousal could come from performing, such as the feeling of being in front of people or the personal achievement of being on stage. Different people will have varying reasons as to why they feel sexual pleasure by being in the limelight. Autagonistophilia doesn’t always mean a person has to act on these feelings whilst on stage, the sensations received may be enough. Others may pleasure themselves during a performance or after the performance in order to satisfy their desires. In some instances the thought of being on camera or being recorded could be a trigger for arousal.

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