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A person who has anthropophagolagnia is said to have a fetish for mixing cannibalism and rape to achieve sexual pleasure.

What is Anthropophagolagnia?

Anthropophagolagnia is an extremely uncommon sexual fetish that is illegal to practise. The fetish consists of a person performing a cannibalistic act and then raping the same victim. The act of performing both actions then gives the person heightened sexual pleasure that often ends in an orgasm whilst performing sexual acts towards the victim.

While cannibalism is the act of eating another person with or without their permission, rape is where a person has sex with another un-consenting human. Cannibalism and rape are illegal in almost every country making anthropophagolagnia an almost unpractised fetish. Some people choose instead to imagine these acts and find sexual pleasure that way instead of carrying out the fetish and participating in the actions involved.

There are variations on the way anthropophagolagnia is carried out, depending on the preferences of the person who is performing the act and what they are aroused by. In some instances a person may choose to kill their victim before or during the act of cannibalism whilst others may choose to keep them alive. There have been instances recorded of cannibalism being associated to sexual arousal, although acts of anthropophagolagnia are rarely documented.

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