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Anthropophagy is a paraphilia that can also be known as "cannibalism fetish", due to the fact that people with this fetish achieve sexual pleasure or arousal from eating the flesh of others.

About Anthropophagy

Stemming from the Greek words meaning, “To Eat Human Being”, Anthropophagy refers to the act of eating human flesh and is also known as cannibalism. Someone with a cannibalism fetish is someone who derives pleasure from consuming the flesh of others. This can apply to murderers or serial killers who eat parts of their victims, and to those who establish a mutual agreement to eat parts of another person, such as Armin Meiwes.

Armin Meiwes, also known as The Master Butcher, is a notorious German cannibal who found his willing victim, Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, using the internet. Brandes agreed to allow Meiwes to amputate his penis before they both consumed it. In the end, Brandes's penis was too tough to eat (Meiwes eventually decided to fry it with some wine and spices, but he overcooked it and gave it to his dog instead) and he died from massive blood loss.


The cannibalism laws are different from country to country. If the act was voluntary and the person from which the flesh was taken did not die, or extracted the flesh themselves, then the act may well be legal in the majority of countries. In the UK, providing that the person whose flesh is being eaten makes the cut and extracts the flesh themselves, the “cannibal” is operating well within the law.

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