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Anililagnia is where a person is attracted to a person who is of a significantly greater age than themselves.

What is Anililagnia?

A person who has the fetish anililagnia is said to have an attraction to people who are much older than them. The fetish can occur in women, men and even homosexuals, but it is more common with straight men.

It is not uncommon for a person to be attracted to person considered much older than themselves and the fetish is one that is practiced openly in many instances. Anililagnia can be practised in different ways and has varying levels of desire. For some people a heightened level of attraction could be evident when seeing older women in an everyday situation. Others may seek only older women in which to have a sexual relationship with.

The age gap between partners is solely decided by a person’s preference, there is no set age gap in which to be classed as having anililagnia.

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