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Andromimetophilia is a fetish where a person is aroused by their female sexual partner acting like a man or becoming a transsexual.

What is Andromimetophilia?

Andromimetophilia can occur in both males and females and is not necessarily dependent on a person’s sexuality. There are multiple different levels that a person can associate themselves with Andromimetophilia that relate to how strongly they are attracted to their partner whilst they are acting like a man.

Some people experience heightened sexual arousal whilst their female partner acts like a man or dresses in a man’s clothing during sex or sexual activities. This could be while the partner talks like a man; wear’s clothing typically associated with males or does activities the couple believe are manly.

Other instances of Andromimetophilia can be when the female is transsexual and has or is about to go through a sex reassignment operation. Whilst some people are attracted to this others may just use Andromimetophilia as a form of foreplay or as a way to achieve an orgasm. Andromimetophilia only relates to a person that finds the female-to-male change arousing and not the reverse, where a male changes into a female. The fetish is not uncommon and is practised by many people.

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