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A World of Sex does not collection or ask for any personal information for its users. In the event that you contact us or one of our editors or writers, then your name and your email address will be used, but will not be stored or gathered for any sort of advertisement purposes. In the event that you sign up for an AWOS newsletter, forum or competition -- all of which may take place at a future date -- then we will gather information, but only so that we can contact you with information about your account, your questions, your suggestions and/or your prize.

Cookies and Other Private Information

A World of Sex does not use cookies but it does use Google Analytics, which collections information about all of the people who visit this website. That information includes geographical data, time spent reading the website, and general activity by those who visit the site. This information is checked, but only by a select few and it will not be sold, passed on or used for commercial purposes.

Third Party Links

A World of Sex was designed to inform and to educate. In doing this it is necessary to link to many websites and services, particular in the city and country profiles which can be found on our Sex Tourism page and throughout the website. The AWOS writers and editors have done their best to ensure that all of the websites linked to are honest and trustworthy, but there are a vast number of links and although we do our best to check them regularly, some may slip through the net. We do not make money from these links and have nothing to gain from putting them up, other than to educate our readers better, so if there is an issue with any of them then they will be taken down as soon as we spot it or as soon as we are informed.

A World of Sex makes money through advertisements and, eventually, through donations. At the moment the links that make us money are the ones displayed prominently throughout the site, such as on banners and box links. This may change, and indeed it is our plan for such changes to happen, at which point we will amend this privacy policy accordingly.


By reading this privacy policy and continuing to use the website then you are consenting to the terms explained herein. If at any point these terms change then we will do our best to update this policy, but consent is implied by those who use this website in its current or future form.

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