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A World of Sex is an encyclopaedia dedicated to providing everything you could ever want to know about sex and adult entertainment. AWOS was initially aimed at the sex tourism market, with comprehensive information on a range of cities all over the world, but the idea evolved and expanded into something much bigger. Now AWOS is stocked with information on everything from a range of paraphilias, Opinion Pieces, Porn Star Profiles and so much more.

The AWOS Workers

A World of Sex is staffed by freelance writers and editors, and all of the content created by the site is 100% original and unique to AWOS. We trawl the web for the best and most up to date information that we can find before writing out articles, creating the detailed website that you see before you. AWOS is growing day by day, week by week. We're adding dozens of articles to the site on a weekly basis, with an estimated 30.000 words being programmed into the site every 7 days. And as the site grows, so will that number.

Write for us

We only hire the best and most committed writers, but feel free to get in touch if you want to join the team. All submissions will be vetted and only the most trusted and qualified writers will be invited to write for the site. If you would like us to consider you, then send an email to our editor at "editor at worldofsex dot com". Please bear in mind that we are a Wiki, a site for informational and educational purposes only, and unless the site somehow begins to make a lot of money, then we can not pay our writers.

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